Saturday, October 21, 2017

Crazy Fun | Adrienne Alvis

Hello, crafty friends! I'm here today with a layout that I created using some lovely Shimmerz Paints products including Acritonez, Vibez, and Coloringz! 

I prepped the thin blue and white striped patterned paper that I chose to use for my background with some Acritonez in "3 Sheets To The Wind" and swiped it in thin layers across the paper using an old gift card. After it was almost dry, I lightly spritzed some Vibez, a pigmented spray with shimmer, in "Blue Jeans" around my page and then added a few spritzes in some "Pretty In Pink" Coloringz spray that is non-shimmering. I love a healthy mix of both! I also added a little bit of black to my background using some Acritonez in "Shimmerz Tar, Tar" and some bubble wrap to create a little more texture. Simply swipe the Acritonez on a small piece of bubble wrap with a dry paintbrush and lightly press it onto your paper!

Once that was dry, I layered a few pieces of patterned paper under my photo and placed the grouping in the middle of my layout. I also stuck a journaling card to the left side of my photo and punched out some different sized hearts in coordinating pieces of paper to add an extra shape element to my overall design.

I had some white foam stickers and phrases that I wanted to use for the title of my page, but since the white was sort of washed out for my color combo, I took some Acritonez self-priming acrylic paint in "Shimmerz Tar, Tar" and a dry paintbrush and altered the color of the foam letters.

I also added the rest of my title using a stamp and some black ink to coordinate with the rest of the letters. I added a few splotches of black Coloringz in "Night Moves", too.

Thanks so much for joining me today and don't forget that you can alter other items to go along with your color scheme just by using some Shimmerz! Have a great day, everyone! 

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rainbow and wreath | Anna Komenda

Hello mixed media fans. It's Anna here with my next fun and colorful project featuring some pretty Shimmerz stuff. I created a rainbow layout using mists and paints and I must say I love how it turned out.

As always I have a process video for you.

I used mists in few vivid colors to create a colorful edge on my page. I left the center part white. This is the exact opposite of what I usually do on my project but it was so fun to try.

It was this type of the layout that was calling for some wreath inside this colorful frame. I fussy cut many flowers and placed them around my white space.

I added random embellishments in matching colors to highlight this rainbow scheme.

I also added fun splashes using Shimmerz Paints for more messy effect. Rainbow designs are always my favourite and they are so fun to make. Dirty fingers in all colors of the rainbow are the sigh of good creative process.

That's it for today. Now grab your mists and spray your own rainbows. If you are missing some colors and plan some shopping, don't forget to mention my name ti get a free mini product!

Here are the products I used in my project:

Thank you for stopping by and see you in November.

XO Anna

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Autumn Tags by Joyce

Like so many of you, Autumn is my favorite time of year.  Now, and when I was a kid, if I find a pile of faded dead leaves ahead of me on my walking path, I stomp on them just to hear the crunchy noise they make under my shoes.

These tags weren't anything like I thought they would turn out to be. You know how you have a certain idea in your head while creating, and a little happy accident materializes? Well, these are my little happy accidents. I first spritz over bright colors of yellow, orange, green and red and they were just too bright for my taste that day. I added some gesso over my work to tone down the colors, and by doing so, the colors blended and toned down to warm dusty autumn colors.  I added some elements I received in some happy mail from my art buddy and soon the tags were creating themselves. I love it when that happens!

Shimmerz Products use on this project were as follows:

Spritz - Tuscan Sun, and Olive Branch
Vibez-Snow Storm

Coloringz-Bleeding Heart, and Mandarin Mai Tai

I hope you experience a little happy accident too.

Thank you for letting me share with you.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Gelli Printing with Shimmerz Products | Zinia Amoiridou

Hello artsy friends! It's Zinia here and welcome back to the Shimmerz blog!
Today I'm going to show you how you can use a gelli plate with your Shimmerz Products. If you are not familiar with a gelli plate it's basically a big piece of soft silicone that you use to create unique prints.

The most common paints to use on gelli plates are acrylics. You can totally use your favorite Acri-Tonez but for this page I decided to do something more interesting and show you how to use sprays and watercolors on your plate.

If you tried this before you'd notice that when your medium is watery and thin it tends to bead up and doesn't cover the plate evenly. To fix that we need to use some other medium to hold our watercolors/sprays in place.

You can use a couple of different things. Depending on what you use you might get slightly different results so go ahead and experiment with whatever you have. So to keep the colors from beading up you need to cover your plate with a layer of gel medium. This will basically work as a transparent layer of acrylic paint that will make your mists and watercolors stay wherever you put them on the plate.

You can use gel medium with any finish you prefer. I usually go for matte but if you want to use shimmery colors you should probably try a gloss medium that will allow the shimmer to shine through.

Some alternatives you can try instead of gel medium are our very own Dazzlerz and Paste-eez (I'd avoid Texturez as the gritty parts may damage your plate). Even though they have some opacity, if you don't put a very thick layer on, your colors will still show through beautifully. Also you can make use of the fact that these pastes come in different colors and use that to your advantage.

Here is a full list of the supplies I used to create this page:

If you want to grab a some of these gorgeous supplies to create your own version of this project or just to expand your Shimmerz collection, make sure to mention my name "Zinia" at the comment section of your order to receive a FREE Shimmerz product!

I really hope you got inspired to use your Shimmerz products in new creative ways. Until next time, happy crafting.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Fall Inspired Tags with Shona

Hello Shimmerz fans!! It feels like Fall here. The leaves are changing, the air is chilly and I am loving all of the fall colors. Today I have two large Fall colored tags to share.


First I did some stencil work with Salt of the Earth Paste-eez. I than added some warm colors of Quit Yer Wine-n and Hot Fudge Vibez. I also used a paint brush and added some Miner Miner 49er Inklingz.

More close ups.


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Take care and happy scrapping!