Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Come Join the Shimmerz Paints Team!

We are looking for passionate artists and crafters
interested in using Shimmerz Paints products in exciting ways!


Shimmerz Paints is expanding our team! We are looking for talented, positive designers to add to our teams. Shimmerz Paints designers might specialize in one particular style, such as mixed media or create in multiple styles (cards, scrapbook layouts, journaling, canvas, off the page etc). We are looking to add to the following:

Our Shimmerz Paints Youtube Educators Team consists of 1 blog post, along with a video uploaded to the Shimmerz Paints YouTube Channel. In blog post, we ask for close ups of the project featured in video, showing your process. It is the Youtube Educators Team's responsibility to share their process using Shimmerz Paints products and educate viewers on ease of use. This can include layouts, mixed media, cards, journaling or crafting. You must have an active social media accounts, such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. You may also do (TOTALLY OPTIONAL) Live video on Shimmerz Facebook page, if you're feeling brave and spontaneous! This is a 1 year contract position.
Our Shimmerz Paints Design Team is our original base design team sharing 2 blog posts a month to the Shimmerz Paints blog. As well as sharing the project on social media. You may also add as many detailed photos or video to your blog posts as you would like. We are looking for all talents to add to our Design Team. This is a 1 year contract position.
We are looking for limited spots to fill within our Social Media Team. Our Social Media Team consists of 2 projects per month featuring Shimmerz Paints. You are a brand ambassador for Shimmerz Paints. You MUST have all active forms of social media to take part in this team, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. This is a 1 year contract position.

What YOU get from Shimmerz:
  • A DT credit every 4 months for products
  • New products as released
  • Wholesale pricing on Shimmerz Paints products 
  • Advertising of your projects, yourself and Social Media on all our Social Media channels.
  • A personal Shimmerz Paints badge to display on your blog(s).
  • Great team of ladies to socialize with, grow with, and be inspired by. We are team environment through and through!

Our team members must have the following:
  • An active social media presence: Blog, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube
  • Create clear step by step tutorials
  • Create quality, well lit and produced photographs and videos
  • Have an interest in using & promoting Shimmerz Paints products
  • Create a variety of projects eg: Pages, (scrapbook, journal or planner), Off-the-page project (canvas, home decor, DIY, assemblage, jewelry, etc), Cards etc.
  • Use only Shimmerz Paints sprays, paints or pastes on the projects you create for Shimmerz.
    **You can use as many embellishments, flowers etc as you like, just no sprays, paints, pastes from other companies on the projects you create for Shimmerz Paints.
    *****Please ask about possible Design Teams conflicts before applying.
  • Be on time & meet deadlines.
  • Promote Shimmerz Paints on their blogs and Social Media.
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement
To apply for our awesome teams send an email to hello@shimmerzpaints.com with this information:
  • Subject line: “Shimmerz Paints Team Call 2018 – your name – your country – Team you are applying”
  • Mailing address & email address
  • Short bio and some fun facts about you.
  • Why you would be a good fit for Shimmerz Paints and what you love about our products.
  • 3 photos of your best work
  • List other DT/Design Experience (though this is not a requirement), also list all DT’s you are currently part of or that you will be part of in the next 6 months (in case there are any conflicts of interest)
  • Include links to your blog, YouTube channel, Facebook and any other social media accounts.
  • What style(s) do you like to create: canvas, abstract, DIY,scrapbook, stamping, card making, journaling, mixed media, vintage, altered art, assemblage, etc.
Submissions must be submitted no longer than DECEMBER 11TH, 2017 AT 11:59 PM MST.


Monday, November 20, 2017

"Have Faith" Bible Journal Entry | Nicole Kerr

Hello Shimmerz Fans!

Nicole here, and today I have a Bible Journal entry to share with you!
Today I'm in Hebrews 11:3 which says "by faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible."
Here is an overview of my entry:

This entry spoke to me that He has created me and made me who I am today. That He has a plan for me in His vision and that everything happens for a reason. I'm only given things in life that He knows I can withstand. As I was reflecting on this journey, I find that I need to have faith and no matter what comes my way. He will always provide. 

For this entry, I wanted to paint bold flowers. Colorful and eye catching asa reminder to "have faith." I began by prepping my page with clear gesso. I used a mixture of AcriTonez, Vibez and original Shimmerz to create whimsical flowers and a halo to remember to always have faith and to be beautiful, no matter what comes my way.

 When creating my flowers, I mixed together Pinkadelic, Jiven Jade and Blue My Top to get the different colors of pink and blue for the flowers and green for the leaves. I used Vibez in Sunset Strip and for my halo and original Shimmerz in Coal for my flower centers.

Lastly, I complimented these colors with a few ephemera pieces, stickers and washi from my stash.

Thanks so much for joining me today!
If you use your Shimmerz in your next Bible entry, be sure to share it with us on social media! 
I would love to see how you're using them!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

#HOCO '17 | Adrienne Alvis

Hello, everyone! I'm here with a layout that I created using some Vibez, Coloringz, Texturez, and Shimmerz!

My son and his girlfriend recently went to his homecoming dance together and I managed to get some really great photos of them! I was inspired by the colors in the photo for this page, so I used some Kraft card stock and some Texturez in "Tidy Widy" and a plus sign stencil from my stash to create the dimensional background effect. I layered a single, wide, strip of patterned paper vertically down my page and used some Shimmerz in "Golden Wheat" to color the neutral striped piece of patterned paper. I simply swiped a dry paintbrush in the Shimmerz and brushed it on, making sure to not use too much. 

After the Texturez dimensional paste dried, I used some Coloringz in "Night Moves", which is the perfect black, to add a few ink splatters around my page. I also forgot to mention that I lightly misted the Kraft card stock with some Vibez in "Glorious Day" to add just the right amount of shimmer to this layout. It's a little hard to tell in the photo how that looks. 

I used several coordinating embellishments to complete my page and was really happy how this layout turned out!

I hope I've given you some inspiration for you next project using some Shimmerz Paints products! Thanks so much for stopping by today!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Maples Leaves by Joyce

I found another use for those Tim Holtz tickets....a place in my autumn junk journal.
Well, you know me by now.... I just couldn't leave those tickets, as cute as they are, without embellishing them a little.  And, so I did with Shimmerz Paints.

I punched some maple leafs out of a Canson watercolor paper pack and applied Bleeding Heart, Heavy Metal (I like how some of the shimmery grey matter from the paint spreads out on the paper and puddles on the leaves) and a little bit of Olive Branch too, but just a little bit to each of the leaves. When they dried, I crumpled up each leaf to break down the paper fibers and add some wrinkles to them.  Then I folded the paper leaf down the middle, and with the two thumb nails, I pinched the leaves down the middle to form leaf veins.  Then I applied the same method over the rest of the leaf. Applied some dark ink pad around the outer edges of the leaves.  And finally, I dabbled on some Shimmerz Candlelight to highlight the peaks of the folds.  They look and feel like weathered leaves. And, they were so quick and easy to make too.

I can't wait to show you where these fall embellished tickets ended up.  Come back and visit me here on November 26th, and I'll share their new home with you.  And, you will see some more pretty little lovely leaves to share using different Shimmerz Paints products too.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Magical Misted Background | Zinia Amoiridou

Hello artsy friends! It's Zinia here and welcome back to the Shimmerz blog!

Today I'm back with another art journal spread using my favorite Shimmerz products. For this spread I had some fun with some sprays to build a magical background.

When you are using sprays the secret is layering. Letting one layer dry and then adding another will create beautiful variations as well as make the colors more intense.

Once I was happy with my colors, I used a stencil and some light modeling paste to create some texture on my background. I added some leaves and greenery to create the impression of a scene but went over it again with more color to help it blend with the rest of the background. I really wanted to keep everything very subtle and blended.

I created a white border at the top of my spread with drips of paint. I used a bottle of Acri-tonez and diluted it with water to create this drippy ink-like consistency. Since the paint became translucent with the addition of the water, I added a few layers to make sure my drips are opaque.

For my focal point, I used another stencil and some heavy gesso to create a silhouette. Although my background was dry, the ink is still reactive with water so it slightly colored the first layers of gesso. I had to go over it a few times to end up with a crisp white coverage.

My last step was to add some journaling. Since I'm not very confident with my handwriting, instead of scribbling something on my own, I used some beautiful stamp sets by Donna Downey.

Here is a full list of the colors I used on this spread:

  • AcriTonez - 3 Sheets to the wind
  • Creameez - Lapis Dance
  • Coloringz - Heidi Ho Blue
  • Spritz - Ruby
  • Spritz - Sapphire
  • Vibez - Sweet Heart
  • Vibez - Mango Tango

If you want to grab a some of these gorgeous supplies to create your own version of this project or just to expand your Shimmerz collection, make sure to mention my name "Zinia" at the comment section of your order to receive a FREE Shimmerz product!

I really hope you got inspired to use your Shimmerz products in new creative ways. Until next time, happy crafting.